Invite your Markethive friends and team members to your own presentations 

... and attend their presentations too. Whatever your conference requirements, we are sure HiveRoom will have what you need.

Record and Playback

HiveRoom can record your sessions for later playback by members.


The whiteboard controls let you annotate key parts of your presentation.

Desktop Sharing

You can broadcast your desktop for all users to see (requires lastest version of Java for presenter only).

WebRTC Audio

Users of Chrome and FireFox browsers will benefit from high-quality, low-latency WebRTC audio. (Users of other browsers will seamlessly use Flash-based audio.)


You can upload any PDF presentation or MS office document. HiveRoom keeps everyone in sync with your current slide, zoom, pan, annotations, and mouse pointer.

Testimonials and Comments  

Family like a TEAM

James Andreson

Team Lead

Lisa Rachel

Web Developer

Michael Jhonson

UI Designer


UI Developer